Bavelloni B73 CNS
Bavelloni B73 CNS-1

Make: Bavelloni

Model: B73CNS

Year: 2002

Type: 7 spindle beveling machine

Power:  208 Volts, 3 phase 60 HZ

Machine Usage: Total hours run 1770. Total meters run 79,562.

Location:  Mid West USA

Condition: Very Good when taken out of service 5 years ago. Still set up can be viewed with appointment. Company was bought out and new owners have no further use for glass beveling.

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Bavelloni B73 CNS-2

Bavelloni B73 CNS-3

Bavelloni B73 CNS-4

Bavelloni B73 CNS-5

Bavelloni B73 CNS-6

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