Hydraulic tilt cutting table


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Reduce glass handling time with a “  Tilt Top Glass Cutting Table “.  This is a highly versatile table with a number of operational accessories available allowing you to design the table to suit your production requirements. Standard feature include hydraulic actuated tilting mechanism, table top carpeting, full plenum air flotation system, automatic drop down retractable roller toes, large swivel casters and Table fully assembled ready for use.  Optional features include manual or pneumatic actuated breaker bars in the X & Y directions, extra heavy duty plenum air flotation and electric loading winch.


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Shown with Dual Breaker Bars & Automatic Drop Down Roller Toes


  • Heavy Duty all MIG Welded Steel Construction.  Frame base specially reinforced to prevent fatigue cracking of structural members with extended table use.  Standard Taable stock size of  9’ x 12’ or Custom Size.


  • Hydraulic Actuated Tilting Mechanism easily handles 1” and thicker glass plates.


  • Complete with full electrical and hydraulic safety circuits.  See detail in table description write up.


  • 5 HP Full Plenum Air Flotation System is standard.  Clean air flotation design not the complex multiple external hose connect system used on competitive hydraulic tilt top tables.   Optional 10 hp heavy duty

air flotation is available.


  • Heavy Duty Automatic Drop Down Retractable Roller Toes to handle glass in vertical position. Auto

Drop  Down Roller toes are substantially superior to the cheap manual pull up wooden toes installed

on competitive hydraulic tilt top tables.

  • Optional X & Y direction Manual or Pneumatic actuated heavy duty breaker bars are available.


  • Painted with high durability Hammerite Enamel.


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Product brochure

Product brochure


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